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I grew up in a crafty home. You could even consider my mother Martha Stewart 2.0. She can sew, decoupage, paint, make and decorate a wedding cake, and all on the same day. I am crafty, but tend to want to cut corners. If it calls for something expensive, I pick the cheaper route. One of my favorite bath and body stores is Lush, a store that is all about natural and animal cruelty free, but unfortunately products come with a big price tag.

Like all adults we deal with our occasional breakout and I had read that the Lush Ocean Salt face scrub was a good product to attack those nasty unwanted red marks. I wasn’t willing to pay the $30 dollars to buy it. I decided to make my own.

I google searched for a DIY Ocean Salt face scrub that had the “make your own at home” recipe. I printed out the ingredients and headed to the market. I mixed up the mixture in a glass mason jar, went to the bathroom and got to scrubbing.

This is the part of the story where everything goes horribly wrong. 

Within the first few seconds I knew something wasn’t right. My face was burning, and turning red, and stinging. When all was said and done I had red inflamed cheeks and a hurt ego.

What did I learn?

1. Always follow the directions – it called for coconut milk. I did not read the instructions on the can and spooned off the thick layer of what is fat. I did not actually use any milk, later realizing.

2. It called for avocado. I don’t like the smell or the taste. I said, what the heck I will leave it out. Should have left it in.

3. Added olive oil, did not call for olive oil. Should NOT have added olive oil.

4. Salt is abrasive. Salt in large quantities is really abrasive.

5. Added lime instead of lemon. Lime really stings on open pores.

When you DIY, especially with skin care products don’t cut corners. Keep to the ingredients and test it out a little before a full blown application. I am still too wounded to make another go at it, but might just stick to the paper crafts.

For those interested in the original DIY recipe visit doityourselfcrafts