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One of my husband’s wishes is to have backyard chickens.  Unfortunately, we can’t have them where we live now.  But in our next house, we likely will have a coop in back.  The thought of always accessible fresh eggs is just too exciting for us!

Backyard chicken raising is growing in popularity around the Triangle and to celebrate and educate this fun trend, there are now yearly self-guided backyard chicken tours you can take in Raleigh – aptly named “Tour D’Coop”!  Last Saturday we (along with my brother and sister-in-law and cousin) visited six coops – five in backyards and one at Big Boss Brewery to see how others in the area are raising their chickens.  At each one, the owners were so happy to chat about their approach to chickens!  There were 27 coops total on the tour, so lots of options of different backyard setups and locations around Raleigh.  We focused mainly on the ones close to downtown.

Enjoying a Big Boss brew after seeing their chickens

If you’re interested in raising chickens yourself, check out the Tour D’Coop website. Durham will be hosting a similar tour in the fall, the Bull City Coop Tour, so if you missed the Raleigh tour, this would be a great one to check out!