Over the weekend Kristen and I, along with our friend Kaitlin, participated in an art party with local artist Eleatta Diver. (Here is the link for her parties http://eleatta.blogspot.com/p/art-parties.html and her blog http://www.eleatta.blogspot.com/). Her classes are designed to teach people with varying levels of artistic talent how to paint a picture that can be proudly displayed in any home. After taking the class, we all felt she accomplished this goal. Check out our finished product below!!

Our masterpieces!

The class was located at the Golden Belt in Durham (http://www.goldenbeltarts.com/index.shtml), which is a renovated textile mill that now houses studios, apartments, and restaurants.

When we singed up for the class none of us really knew what to expect. I imagined walking into the class and being directed to a paint-by-numbers kit. The class was NOT set up this way at all. The teacher, Eleatta, started off by directing us wine, desserts, and hors d’houerves. After we enjoyed the food and drink, Eleatta began by displaying her painting of red poppies. She then taught us to paint our own version by giving us the supplies and the step-by-step instruction we needed to paint it.

She first demonstrated how to draw each element of the painting, then showed us the different painting techniques she used to paint her picture. Below I am painting my grass using a damp paper towel and green paint.

Applying the dabbing technique.

Finished grass using dabbing technique.

Before we could paint our flowers, we had to dry our canvas. To do this we used a blow dryer.

Drying the paint before sketching our flowers.

Once our canvas was dry we sketched our flowers onto the canvas and then it was time to paint. As we painted Eleatta helped all of us by answering questions, handing out more supplies, and providing much needed encouragement.

Kaitlin doing an AWESOME job shading her poppies.

The class was a great way to relax, spend time with a group of friends, and learn some artistic techniques. If you are looking for something fun and different to do in the Triangle, check out Eleatta Diver and her Art Parties!!