Pinterest Holiday Party!


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Yesterday, the WA blog ladies and friends enjoyed a pinterest holiday craft party at my house.  It was pretty easy to pull together and was a nice change for a holiday gathering to have little projects to work on while we’re visiting.


To pull it together, I put together a specific holiday craft board, which I sent out to all the invited participants and asked them to vote for their top two crafts (by “hearting” the two they liked the most.)  I closed the voting three days before the party to have time to pull together the materials for all the crafts.  We ended up with three crafts with the top votes, so I figured we could do three instead of two.  Then I sent out an email with materials everyone should bring to the party and utilized one of my favorite craft stores ever, The Scrap Exchange in Durham, which can always be counted on to have the random materials I might need!

Typical, full of great finds, aisle at the Scrap Exchange

Typical, full of great finds, aisle at the Scrap Exchange

For the party itself, I sent up three “stations,” one for each of the crafts.  At each station, along with the materials for the craft, I included a printout of instructions from the website I found the craft on.  The three crafts that were chosen were:


DIY Glitter Banner

Wine Cork Christmas Tree (which just was a photograph on pinterest, so I told people to wing it! – we had some great ones)

Anthropologie-inspired Snow Globes


Overall, things went really smoothly and everyone had tons of fun (and got my house all glittery! 🙂 so everyone also kindly helped clean up at the close of the party!)


If you’re looking for a fun holiday gathering, I highly recommend doing a pinterest theme party!